Why You Should Visit National Parks In The Winter

Contrary to what many people believe, national parks shouldn't be overlooked during the winter months. December, January and February are some of the most calm, peaceful and beautiful months to visit the parks. Those who venture out will be rewarded with smaller crowds and various lodging options. Snowy landscapes, nature and spectacular wildlife are just a few things you have to look forward too.

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Fewer visitors means that a last-minute getaway is an option; you can book your hotel room and airline tickets on short notice. Get the most out of your experience by taking advantage of the park's cozy lodges and beautiful cabins, many of which are extra enjoyable when used as shelter from the freezing cold.

Hot temperatures and harsh weather conditions are common in some parks during the summer months, which is one of the many reasons winter is the best time to visit. You can also try out different recreational activities, many of which are not available during the summer, such as dog sledding, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and snow camping. The great outdoors can be harsh when it's cold out, but there are still plenty of great reasons to get the best of these national parks in the wintertime