These Spring Destinations Are Perfect For Your Instagram Feed

As springtime approaches, people start spending more time outdoors. Cities and parks begin to light up with green landscapes and colorful arrays of flowers

20 Instagram-Worthy Spring Destinations for 2019

It is said that more photos are taken every two minutes than had been taken over the entire course of the 1800s, and the trend has only grown more pronounced since. Instagram registers over 4 billion likes every day, and tens of billions of photos have been shared on the service. Millennials are now specifically booking trips based on the types of photos they can capture

Different seasons provide different opportunities for unique photographs. During the springtime specifically, flowers steal the attention. From the colorful tulips in Amsterdam to the bluebonnets in Texas and the famous magenta and red azaleas that bloom in Savannah, Georgia, there is no shortage of photos to capture during the spring at these Instagram-worthy destinations this year.