Don't Forget This One Cell Phone Step Before Heading To The Airport

Just the same way you can pay bills and look up movie times on your phone, so too can you board a plane. Downloading your airline's mobile app is a great way to save time and decrease your chances of missing the announcement about a changed terminal or delayed flight.

Waiting in line to print a boarding pass delays your next obstacle: security. If you book your flight online, why not also download a digital boarding pass?

If you're going to opt for the paperless route, make sure your phone is fully charged. You don't want that episode of Grey's Anatomy you've already seen five times to be the reason your phone dies, forcing you out of line and toward an outlet.

Besides its usefulness in keeping your boarding pass handy, your airline's mobile app will also allow you to check into your flight. The app's alert system can warn you of delayed or canceled flights, and you can easily check to see which terminal you should be headed toward.

While aboard your Wi-Fi-enabled flight, use the app to watch your favorite TV shows or that movie you've been waiting to see.

Once you're at your destination, open the app to track your luggage. This will take the hassle out of waiting for baggage claim and wondering when those bags are going to come around the carousel. It's just one tip for how to navigate busy airports during the holidays.