What You Need To Know About Airport Security 

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and other airport security agencies around the world don't have the best reputation, often feeling like a thorn in the side for passengers. With constantly changing regulations, it can be hard to remember what you aren't allowed to bring through security, and if there's a long or slow line, it can add stress to a vacation when that's the last thing you want.

Airport Security Secrets You Need to Know Gallery

While security is of the utmost importance at the airport, many traveling around the United States find security measures to be unnecessarily invasive. There are many tips and tricks to surviving the airport and its security checkpoints, but sometimes the best way to deal with an issue is to understand it better. Airport security can be complicated with its many regulations and seemingly mysterious workings, but if one learns the secrets of airport security, one can learn how to handle it in a manner that's less of a headache for both passengers and agents. To make your next travel experience more pleasant, keep these airport security secrets in mind the next time you're flying.