Top Frontside Skis 2013: Kästle MX83

Stuck in the middle of Kästle's Mountain Cross line, the 83mm MX83 is a damp, stable battleship of a ski. This is a full-cambered ski—no rocker bandwagon-hopping here—giving it great edging, but also making it less agile than some of its contemporaries. What it lacks in agility, though, it makes up for with sheer power, easily smoothing out dicey snow while tearing down the mountain at mach speeds. It does this with race ski-style construction—damping wood core, two sheets of metal laminate, vertical sidewalls and a thicker profile—that begs to be skied aggressively. Do so, and you'll be rewarded with one of the smoothest, fastest rides of your life. Take it out back, too: A wide shovel and Kästle's propietary tip-lightening Hollowtech (that green spot on the front) means that this battleship doesn't sink in powder.

Best For: Speed and stability on all snow conditions
Overall: 3.35 | Carving/Edging: 4.10 | Stability: 3.87
Length (cm): 153,163,173,183
Tip/Waist/Tail (mm): 125/83/109
$1,180 (without bindings);

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