Top Frontside Skis 2013: K2 A.M.P. Aftershock

This balanced, do-it-all ski earned high marks for its ease-of-use and across-the-board performance. With its 86mm waist, the Aftershock is the fattest of K2's all-mountain performance skis, meaning its just as cozy off-piste as it is carving groomers. It's agile, fast and stable, and will probably make you look better than you are without trying too hard. You won't be the flashiest or fastest skier on the mountain (though it will perform should you wish to throw down), but your easy, no-brainer turns will ooze an unbeatable cool confidence.

Best For: All-terrain skiers in search of easy, high-performance sticks.
Overall: 3.53 | Carving/Edging: 3.84 | Stability: 3.42
Length (cm): 167,174,181
Tip/Waist/Tail (mm): 130/86/114
$1,000 (with bindings);

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