Anker, Chin And Ozturk Live

Chin, Ozturk, and Anker with Sirdar. (credit: Jimmy Chin)

Just before their second attempt at the first ascent of the Shark's Fin in India, Jimmy Chin, Conrad Anker and Renan Ozturk sat peacefully with a Sirdar in Gangotri. 

The next 12 days in the Himalayas were anything but serene, as the team battled its way up the 20,700-foot Northwest face of Mt. Meru in freezing and windy conditions. The climb was Anker's 20-year project and this adventure marked his second attempt with Chin. The two were previously thwarted just two pitches from the peak, an experience that left them disappointed and gave Chin terrible frostbite on his toes. Ozturk was along this time not only to climb, but also to film the entire expedition.

And this time, they succeeded.

On October 10, Anker, Chin and Ozturk discussed the expedition in Return to Meru, a live event and part of The North Face's 2012 Never Stop Exploring speaker series. Watch the video of the online event here. 

Via Rock and Ice.