Summer Vacations That Can Help You Lose Weight

For most, vacation is a time for letting go, forgetting rules and honoring indulgences.

In other words, it's not an ideal setting for anyone with weight loss goals. Of course, putting some of your healthy habits on the backburner for a few days while you're away is perfectly fine. In fact, it's encouraged as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

But if you're hoping to kick-start a new fitness goal, are currently on track towards reaching a milestone achievement or you simply just enjoy a great wellness retreat,  then a health- and fitness-focused vacation might be more your style.  

From high-intensity boot-camp-style retreats to relaxing yoga-inspired spa getaways, the following active and adventurous trips—all designed to keep guests moving and eating well while on vacation—are top picks for a perfect "get-fit-getaway" this summer. 

Zumba Cruise

Royal Caribbean recently teamed up with Zumba to create a five-day, fitness-focused cruise that, in addition to a tropical trip at sea, offers passengers up to 300  fitness classes and activities led by 130 celebrity instructors. This vacation isn't just for Zumba enthusiasts, though. Anyone in search of an energizing, get-in-shape getaway will find fun and excitement aboard the Zumba boat. Plus, travelers should expect to experience double the fun, as the ship makes stops in both Haiti and Jamaica.

The Body Holiday Adventure Program—Saint Lucia

This luxury resort is centered around health and wellness and with a wide range of adventurous activities available, vows to keep guests busy and active from dusk until dawn. Their signature adventure program includes everything from river treks to rainforest hikes, and not to mention, the chance for visitors to explore parts of Saint Lucia that many never get to see. Additionally, on-site at the resort visitors can participate in exercise classes like a hybrid spinning and yoga routine (which takes place in the glass "Tree House" spin studio), tai chi, golf, SCUBA diving, tennis and more.

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