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Words And Phrases You Should Know Before Your Trip To Italy
Used interchangeably as an informal way to say both "hello" and "goodbye," the word you'll use most often is "ciao." You can also ask for the person's name, "Come si chiama?", or tell them yours, "Mi chiamo [name]."
Essential Italian Greetings
Some essential phrases you’ll want to have at the ready include; please ("per favore"), thank you ("grazie"), you're welcome ("prego"), yes ("sì"), and no ("no".) If you're not sure you want to try any more Italian than that, you can admit that you don't speak Italian ("non parlo Italiano") or ask others if they speak English ("parla inglese?".)
Italian Basics
You can request a table for two by asking "Avete un tavolo per due persone?" or "Potrei vedere il menù?" to see a menu. Ask your waiter for their recommendation with, "Cosa ci consiglia?" or request your bill by stating, "Il conto, per favore."
Dining Out
To ask if there is Wi-Fi in your hotel and find out the necessary password, you'll want to say, "Cè il Wi-Fi nell'hotel?" and "Qual è la password?" Some other handy words are "chiavi" (keys), "ascensore" (elevator), and "servizio in camera" (room service).
At a Hotel
Use "Dov'è [destination]" when asking for directions, common responses will be "a destra" meaning "right,” "a sinistra" meaning "left" while “vicino" and "lontano" mean close and far, respectively. However, perhaps most useful of all is knowing how to ask where the bathroom is: "Scusi, dov'è il bagno?"
Directions and Transportation