Woman with cabin suitcase bags ready to travel
Photo taken indoors of casual woman ready for vacation with carry-on luggage
Why You Should Avoid Checking This Type Of Bag According
To A Baggage Handler
Reddit user Lorybear, who works in an airline's baggage department, said they recommend hard-sided suitcases and would never use fabric styles during their travels.
"Bags get wet in the rain, soft sided bags will soak through," they wrote. "Although the hard side bags are more likely to crack, you will be able to get [...] a new bag."
Airlines often don't try to fix suitcase cracks and instead replace the bag, but with soft bags, airlines attempt to repair rips, which can take weeks and be more of a hassle.
According to baggage employee @rachel.bacha on TikTok, the best luggage should also have four wheels instead of two to stay upright when you're in the airport.
In addition, some luggage bins are long, so without wheels, handlers will likely push or even toss your bag into the back in a rush.