The geosphere Spaceship Earth at Epcot Center in Disney World is lit up at night.
What To Do On A Rainy Day At Disney World's Epcot
This slow-moving dark ride is inside the EPCOT ball. The line rarely lasts more than 15 minutes, and the ball is a favorite shelter among parkgoers.
Spaceship Earth
The Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future area at the back of Spaceship Earth allows you to stay inside longer with a bunch of futuristic exhibits to explore.
This show explores American history via animatronic storytellers. There is a mini museum exhibit on the first floor, and the exhibits change on occasion.
The American Adventure
The show is by Regal Eagle Smokehouse, one of EPCOT's best restaurants. Seating is usually available inside, especially if you avoid peak dining hours.
This story ride follows Anna and Elsa on their way to a Summer Snow Day celebration. The inside line area transports you to the fantastical town of Arrendele.
Frozen Ever After
Although the line can be long and the area isn't interactive, the details and winding nature of the line make it easier to wait. Feel free to bring a snack or drink into the line.
The Bijutsu-kan Gallery hosts an exhibit called Kawaii: Japan's Cute Culture. There are plenty of areas to rest and explore the exhibit displays.
Japan's Cute Culture
Visitors will learn how integral Kawaii is to Japanese culture and even how it's rooted in ancient Shinto ways. The exhibit also features Disney items exclusive to Disney Parks.
The Mexico Pavilion is always a safe bet for getting out of the rain. It hosts the vastly underrated Gran Fiesta Tour ride, with a queue time of only five minutes.
Gran Fiesta Tour
If you finish the ride and it's still raining, check out the "Coco" themed interactive digital experiences that allow you to create your own personalized skeleton.