Fireworks over Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World
Weird Facts You Didn't Know About The Disney Parks
At EPCOT, the rain doesn’t drip down Spaceship Earth’s massive geodesic sphere. The ball has a funneling system that feeds rainwater into the World Showcase Lagoon.
Spaceship Earth
Look closely to see a series of Alucobond panels with inch-wide gaps between them that funnel the water into the ball. The water is collected and recycled throughout the park.
The American flags you see across the U.S. Disney parks aren’t official United States flags, so they can be removed and returned daily without fanfare.
American Flags
Each flag has an incorrect number of stars and stripes, so they don’t need to be removed during bad weather or illuminated at night as the United States Flag Code dictates.
Wavy brown patterns in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square’s walkway are no accident. They represent how Colonial residents used to dump their latrines in the streets.
Liberty Square
Since Disney parks are all about immersion, even the crappier details of historic America are represented. Ironically, Liberty Square doesn’t have public restrooms.
At Disney World, Space Mountain is the state’s oldest roller coaster, but it also was the world’s first fully computer-controlled ride in 1975.
Space Mountain
Walt Disney had the general idea for this ride in the 1960s before Disney World opened. He wanted to capture what it was like for astronauts to travel through space.
Since opening in Disneyland in 1967, over 333 million passengers have made this the most popular attraction at the park and on the planet.
Pirates Of The Caribbean
The journey through the land of pirates has changed over the years by adding or changing parts of the story or characters, but generally, the ride has remained true to itself.