Woman paddleboarding on Pearl Lake
Visit This Western U.S. State Park For A Lakeside Camping Trip
Pearl Lake State Park in Colorado offers an off-the-grid outdoorsy experience. The park is over 250 acres and is brimming with lush pine forests, colorful flowers, and wildlands.
The lake is home to over 200 species of birds, ample amphibians, and deer. There are 36 traditional pet-friendly campsites that can be rented for $28.00 per night.
The park also has two yurts with ​amenities such as heat and power, skylights, beds, a picnic area, and windows. They cost $90.00 per night and accommodate up to six visitors.
While you may not be allowed to swim in Pearl Lake, you can sunbathe on the shores, go boating, participate in watersports, and hike the 0.6-mile ​Pearl Lake Connection Trail.
The state park remains as lively as ever when the lake freezes over. You can set off cross-country skiing through Colorado's wilderness and even go ice fishing.