Woman by the beach and crystal clear Caribbean during sunset with white beach and palm trees
Visit This Stunning Island To Immerse Yourself In Caribbean Culture
Trinidad is ideal for anyone who wants to find serenity on a beach, dance in the streets at night, or immerse in the country's rich history at festivals like Carnival.
Caribbean culture is everywhere in Trinidad, with noticeable Indian, African, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish influences in the food and music throughout the island.
The two-day Carnival festival in Port of Spain makes Trinidad exuberant on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, right before the Christian season of Lent.
Often called the "Greatest Show on Earth," Carnival offers live music with steel drums, plenty of soca and calypso, endless dancing, intricate costumes, and a party in the streets.
If you want a quieter Trinidad vacation and are visiting the island outside of Carnival, there are other ways to learn about and experience the culture.
Take a tour of island markets, culturally significant sites, and places to try locally made foods; a tour guide will be able to share the history of the places you'll venture.
Music lovers should try the Steel Pan Making Tour by Island Buddy. You'll learn how steel drums are specially crafted, learn about the instrument's mechanics, and get to play one.