A colorful street in Mexico
Visit This Destination To Learn More About Mexican History and Culture
Although this city has a history of violence, it would be a mistake to avoid Acapulco, as the city offers opportunities to learn more about Mexican culture and history.
CBC News spoke with tourists who have stayed in the resorts along the beach, and they raved about the friendly locals and the town feeling like a second home.
The Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture) features local artisans and musicians, as well as an archaeological museum detailing the city's long history.
Zocalo, or the old town of Acapulco, is the city's cultural and social heart, with street buskers, clowns, food markets, cotton candy, cute cafes, and mariachi bands.
The 17th-century former prison, the Fort of San Diego, is now a historical and naval museum with exhibits and artifacts focused on ramparts, towers, royal carriages, and ships.
The studio of Diego Rivera, the famed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo's husband, is open to the public in Casa de Vientos. You can see more of his works at the La Quebrada Gallery.