Rock formation in Kai Islands
Visit These Overlooked Southeast Asia Islands For A Fun Beach Vacation
The spectacular Kai Islands may be one of Indonesia's most wonderful secrets. At this archipelago, you can enjoy rarely-touristed white sand and clear sea.
The Kai Islands are in the Banda Sea in the Southeastern Moluccas. Kai Kecil, which is connected to Dulah via a bridge over the ocean, has the majority of the attractions.
On Kai Kecil, hire a scooter and take in the island's breathtaking beauty. If you're interested in snorkeling, visit the Bair Islands' natural swimming lagoon.
If you like birdwatching, visit the pelicans on Waha Island. A great place for swimming is Air Goa Hawang, a unique lake within a cave where you can marvel at the rock formations.
Most of the oceanside accommodations are in budget-friendly, locally-owned guesthouses on the islands in the north of Kai Kecil.