A beefeater guard outside of the Tower of London
Visit These Incredible Places In Britain If You Love The Royal Family
Built in 1825, Buckingham Palace was commissioned by King George IV. It has 775 rooms and is the King's official residence.
Buckingham Palace
While his private quarters are off-limits to visitors, the public can tour the thrones and 19 staterooms when it is open from late July through September.
This cathedral has 1,000 years of history, much of it tied to the royal family. The Gothic-style cathedral is recognized worldwide as an architectural masterpiece.
Westminster Abbey
The abbey has been the site of every coronation since 1066, held state funerals for Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana, and where Prince William and Princess Catherine wed.
Westminster Abbey is also the burial site of more than 3,000 royals, such as Queen Anne, Edward the Confessor, Mary Queen of Scots, and Queen Elizabeth I.
This Baroque-style Anglican cathedral has hosted cultural and religious events since 1665. At 365 feet, its dome is one of the highest in the world.
St. Paul's Cathedral
The cathedral held the state funerals of Margaret Thatcher and Sir Winston Churchill, and both Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II celebrated their Jubilee Services here.
King Charles and Princess Diana were married here in 1981 in a ceremony watched by millions. St. Paul's offers daily Anglican services and hosts public tours.
This Tudor masterpiece with extensive gardens and a maze has hosted royals since the 16th century. King Henry VIII made it his home with all six of his wives.
Hampton Court Palace
The Great Hall boasts a hammer-beam roof and artifacts like Anne Boleyn's coat of arms. At the palace, Henry VIII also divorced Anne of Cleves and married Catherine Howard.
It was a working royal residence until Queen Victoria opened it publicly in 1838. Visitors can tour the palace, chapel, and Great Britain's oldest hedge maze from the 1700s.
Built in 1070 by William the Conquerer, the Tower of London has been a fortress, palace, and prison that has housed royals indistress and had many tragedies.
Tower Of London
Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey spent their final days before execution there, and the children of Edward IV perished there during the War of the Roses.
The most highly protected wing of the Tower is the Jewel House, which has more than 23,000 gemstones, precious tiaras, and necklaces that make up the official Crown Jewels.