Beagle playing with toy
Use These Essential Tips To Make Traveling In An RV With A Pet Easier
First, consider how your pets fare on an ordinary car ride. Some critters hate cars, and knowing how your pet feels before taking a long trip is important.
Know Their Habits
To prepare your pets, try taking them on slightly longer trips to work their way up to the big RV journey, and get them accustomed to riding in their carrier, car seat, or harness.
When taking a pet on the road, you'll need safety items like buckle harnesses, portable dishes, a first aid kit, food and water, and a secure cage or crate.
See your vet before taking off to confirm that your pet is healthy enough to travel. They can also offer advice for preparation, such as vaccines and microchips.
Talk To Your Vet
Always keep the heat or air conditioning on when needed and keep the vents open, disabling any features that could automatically shut them.
Keep Them Comfy
When packing, bring some of your pet's favorite comfort items, such as pillows, blankets, or comfort toys. These can promote relaxation in the RV and remind them of home.
When pets are done being social for the day, they'll want their own area to recoup, such as a corner of the bedroom with a pet bed or a spot under the table.
Give Them Space
For bigger pets, a gate separating a bedroom from the rest of the RV may be best to give them a little sanctuary. Make sure any kiddos onboard respect that "pet only" time.