Man standig in an airport
Unique Amenities You Didn't Know Were At Some U.S. Airports
You'd be surprised how many airport spa locations there are across the U.S. XpresSpa, one of the largest brands, has locations in 11 US cities, with dozens more abroad.
Spa Services
These spa services provide a gamut of services, from massages to zero-gravity loungers. They claim there's something for everyone, whether you've got five minutes or a full hour.
Airport parking can be annoying, as you often have no idea where to find open slots. To combat this, some airports have parking vacancy indicator lights.
Indicator Lights
Lights above each parking slot shine green for available spots or red for taken ones. Baltimore/Washington International Airport and several other airports feature these lights.
Dental emergencies are no joke, and you probably aren't keen on getting dental work done overseas or canceling your trip. Enter airport dental services.
Dental Services
Dr. Trager at JFK will deal with emergencies as well as typical cleaning and teeth whitening, and there is a surprisingly large list of airport-specific dental practices.
If you're picking someone up, these lots are typically free and just outside the main terminals where you can park your car and wait parked in your car.
Cell Phone Lots
These areas are more tranquil than terminals. One stellar example is Denver International's 24/7 free cell phone lot, which has free WiFi, restrooms, and a children's seating area.
If you find yourself at the Portland International Airport ahead of schedule, you can visit the Hollywood Theatre, which features short films by local cinematographers.
Anticipate artsy, low-budget (but passionate) indie films appropriate for all ages. Thanks to the brief durations of the films, you won't risk missing the boarding call.