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Unique Hostels In Europe For A Budget Backpacking Trip
At this Swedish hostel, guests stay on a jumbo jet near the Stockholm airport. The jet's cockpit has been converted into a two-person private suite with its own bathroom.
Jumbo Stay
The engines are also rooms that are only accessible via private staircases on the plane's exterior, and the seats have been removed with dorm rooms in their place.
Near Amsterdam's Red Light District, Hans Brinker doubles as a party venue and throws some ragers in its basement nightclub.
Hans Brinker
The self-proclaimed "Worst Hostel in the World" has been rebranded as an infamous place where the untamed can have an extraordinary trip they probably shouldn't write home about.
Across from Edinburgh Castle, the interior feels like a thrifty Hogwarts with a spiral staircase, suits of armor, and creative dorm room dividers.
Castle Rock
While Castle Rock does offer private rooms, the entire hostel can sleep around 300 travelers, with some dorm rooms holding up to 16 people, but it's not cramped.
This hostel in Copenhagen has created its own community with guests of various ages and amenities like a tattoo parlor, a game room, a library, and a restaurant.
Urban House
There's live music, and you could even earn a night by performing on their stage. Unlike many hostels, explorers of all ages are welcome, and family rooms are available.
Art lovers visiting Porto, Portugal, will find themselves drawn to the Art District, where this hostel and gallery hybrid is located with local works on display.
Gallery Hostel
Exposed vintage tile, stained glass windows, and timeless architectural details complement the art and become part of the rotating exhibitions.