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Under-The-Radar Destinations In Denmark That Are Just As Cool As Copenhagen
The Open-Air Museum (Frilandsmuseet) in Lyngby covers 86 acres, with 50 farms, 25 historic gardens, and 100 buildings that show how life was between 1650 and 1940. Fun-loving history buffs can ride a horse-drawn carriage, attend drama productions and festivals, have a picnic, and visit the petting zoo or old-school co-op market.
Open-Air Museum, Lyngby
LEGO House in Billund — where the building bricks originated — is fun for all ages, hosting LEGO artwork like the 20 tons, 15 meters high Tree of Creativity, plus there are millions of bricks to build something creative of your own. There are even three restaurants, one of which you can use LEGO pieces to order your food from robot chefs.
LEGO House, Billund
A UNESCO Heritage Site, Kronborg Castle in Helsingør dates back to the 15th century, and was popularized when William Shakespeare included it in “Hamlet.” Take a guided tour of the castle, and explore underground, where you'll be lucky to see Holger the Dane — an iconic stone statue believed to have the superpowers to protect Denmark.
Kronborg Castle, Helsingør
Built in the 16th century, Egeskov Castle, Kværndrup, served as a defense center, but in 1883, was renovated to add a new gate, power plant, railway, and a dairy farm to ensure the castle generated income. Some of its unique features are its oak tree foundation (the castle lies in a lake about five meters deep), and its 2,000 windows.
Egeskov Castle, Kværndrup
The Viking Ship Museum (Vikingeskibsmuseet) in Roskilde has five Viking ships that were used in the 11th century, among other water vessels, tools, pottery, and other remains from the era. Boat builders demonstrate ancient tools and techniques that the Vikings used, and visitors can even dress up and board an ancient vessel.
Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde