Empty Pittsburgh International Airport TSA Entry Line
TSA Agents On What You Should Avoid Wearing At The Airport
Avoid wearing baggy clothing when going to the airport, as TSA agents will have to inspect you to make sure that you aren't smuggling banned objects in your clothes.
Bulky Clothes
In U.S. airports, all travelers remove their shoes, so the TSA recommends that travelers do not wear shoes that lace up excessively or have complex buckles as many boots do.
TSA recommends travelers wear slip-on shoes, but be sure to wear socks with them, as you do not want to walk across the airport floor barefoot during security checks.
No Socks
Try not to wear complicated hairstyles to the airport, as bobby pins will set off alarms in the metal detectors, and you may require a secondary screening as a result.
Coats and jackets have all kinds of places to hide things and are also more likely to have metal accents on them, so take outerwear off before going through security.