A cup of coffee in coffee beans
Try Some Of The Best Coffee In The U.S. At This Fun City
Coffee is beloved across America, and some people plan their destination spots around cities with adorable coffee houses. The best of these cities is Portland, Oregon.
WalletHub placed Portland first when ranking the "Best Coffee Cities in America" based on several factors, including coffee houses per capita and average coffee price.
Peruse any of Portland's eclectic neighborhoods, and you'll be overwhelmed by the number of coffee shops. Portland baristas go above and beyond to deliver an authentic experience.
Portland's coffee shops feature a variety of roasting methods and a hospitable culture. Since each shop offers a unique, personable experience, customers can afford to be picky.
As one of the city's first coffee purists, Stumptown Coffee put Portland on the map as a vibrant coffee-loving community, delivering some of the locals' favorite coffee drinks.
Portland has a ton of "third wave" coffee shops adored by locals, including Albina Press Coffee, Coava Coffee Roasters, and Heart Coffee Roasters.