American Chef Anthony Bourdain in the Liberdade area of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Bourdain hosts the TV Show "No Reservations" for the Travel Channel in the US and is the Chef-at-Large for Brasserie Les Halles in New York City. (Photo by Paulo Fridman/Corbis via Getty Images)
Travel Must-Haves That Anthony Bourdain Would Always Pack
Anthony Bourdain preferred fiction books to understand a place's overall vibe better. He said, "fiction seems to capture the place in a way that's more tangible."
Fiction Book
A book can also come in handy as entertainment during long-haul flights or layovers, and reading can be a relaxing way to unplug from your devices while on vacation.
When traveling, Bourdain always brought a knife that looked like a credit card to protect himself. However, some destinations may prohibit such self-defense tools.
Hidden Knife
Bourdain once said that he refused to travel without his iPhone, a laptop, headphones, and an iPad. These devices can be a lifesaver when there's downtime during travel.
Since Bourdain loved jiu-jitsu, he always brought a martial arts uniform. It's best to bring multiple sets of activewear in case you aren't able to wash them.
Workout Apparel
Bourdain suffered from food poisoning twice while filming for his TV shows, so he always packed stomach medication like Imodium on his trips.
Digestion Medication