Tan France with his arms crossed
Travel Essentials That Queer Eye's Tan France Always Packs For A Trip
"Queer Eye" stylist Tan France prioritizes efficiency when packing. France's approach to traveling focuses on practicality while still incorporating effortless style.
France always packs a pair of good-quality jeans. "They go with pretty much everything. You can dress them up or dress them down," he told Insider.
He won't travel without a pair of comfortable sneakers, and he also brings a small bag of accessories that typically includes two neck scarves, a couple of belts, and some hats.
Talking to Thrillist, he identified comfort as the basis of trainleisure. "Make sure you are dressed in something you won't want to change out of in an hour," he explained.
France also told Thrillist about some of his travel necessities. He brings flavored pistachios to snack on, a downloaded movie, a sleep mask, and Firsthand pomade.
The star uses stackable travel jars for toiletries rather than buying new travel-sized products. When flying, France keeps his toiletries under 3.4 ounces and in his carry-on bag.