Family at hotel check-in desk
Travel Agents Share Their Top Hacks To Try When Checking Into A Hotel
In an exclusive interview with Explore, travel agent Adriannea Smith gave some tips on how guests can ensure a seamless check-in experience, along with ways to secure upgrades.
Smith says that if you want to get to your room as quickly as possible, you can skip the front desk by doing a web check-in to sidestep potential paperwork delays.
She also said that hotels often adhere to strict policies regarding check-in time, so if you want early access to your room, it often comes with an associated fee.
The only way to bypass that fee is to be in a hotel loyalty program that offers early check-in. Some of these programs also include other perks and VIP treatment from the staff.
Smith notes that discounts and upgrades are never guaranteed, and the key to enjoying complimentary benefits lies in said loyalty programs and credit cards.
In addition, she suggests asking the establishment if they can throw any free benefits your way. Just remember to embrace a courteous approach rather than resorting to demands.