The castle at Disneyland in Hong Kong
Top Tips For Visiting Disneyland Hong Kong For The First Time
With PhotoPass, you won't need to rely on having a fully charged phone to capture your Disney memories, and you'll get bonus pics from rides you might not otherwise have.
Cast members can use your camera, but their professional ones are often much better. PhotoPass+ at Hong Kong Disneyland (HKD) is about half the price it is at Walt Disney World.
Although the wait times for rides are less than at Walt Disney World, you'll want to head to these most popular rides when you arrive to avoid spending your day in line.
Queue Early
Given its petite size and scenic location on Lantau Island, public and school holidays at HKD may seem even busier than other parks you may have visited worldwide.
For the fewest crowds and temperate weather, plan your visit between October and April. Plus, HKD will be dressed up in holiday decorations like Halloween and Christmas.
The fireworks show, "Momentous," uses water effects, projections, and fireworks with a unique soundtrack to tell Disney stories and encourage guests to live in the moment.
Hong Kong is technically a subtropical island, so be prepared for relatively lovely weather year-round and lots of humidity in the summer.
Subtropical Weather
The tap water in Hong Kong is drinkable, meaning the water at HKD is also safe. Filling stations for water bottles can be found outside most bathrooms around the park.