Top Tips For Traveling Through Europe With Kids From Rick Steves
It can be tricky for kids to connect to the culture in the same way adults do when traveling to Europe. Travel expert Rick Steves has a few tips to make the trip more enjoyable.
On his website, he suggests bridging cultural connections long before you go abroad. Show children pictures of where you're going or watch kid's movies set in the region.
You should also visit new restaurants or learn to cook a few of the country's staples. It will ease them into travel and get them used to foreign dishes.
Once abroad, buy a journal or sketchbook for your kids and have them write down their thoughts, favorite smells or tastes, and cultural observations.
They can draw landmarks and collect boarding passes, train stubs, tickets, or family photos. You can also print coloring pages of iconic landmarks on
Going from place to place can be tough for kids, so incorporate plenty of breaks and look up parks, playgrounds, toy stores, theme parks, and kids' museums to pique their interest.