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Tips For Making Road Trips With Your Newborn Less Stressful
Before embarking on your journey it is essential to have a maintenance check done on your vehicle and to make sure that your child’s car seat is properly installed and safely secured. If you are driving through the U.S., it's not a bad idea to check the traffic laws as they can vary from state to state.
Get Your Car Checked
Traveling with a little one is immensely easier with someone there to share the driving. It also comes in handy when one person can use picture books, hand puppets, and peek-a-boo to interact with a baby who may not be thrilled about being stuck in a car seat while the other drives.
Have A Travel Partner
Stopping around every two hours will allow you to feed and change the babe as well as take care of any other needs you or your little one may have. By using two to three hours as a general guideline, you can mark potential breaks that will fit your needs when planning your route.
Plan Frequent Stops
Planning your heavy travel times to coincide with their sleep schedule can help get the most out of your time, but can be difficult with newborns as they haven't been around long enough to get into a routine. If possible, take advantage of nap times, planning pit stops along the way to line up around the time the baby should be waking up.
Plan Around Sleep Schedule
Google Maps and Google My Maps can both be great tools for finding one of the shortest possible routes that will make your drive much more enjoyable for both you and your baby. While joining parenting groups on Facebook or Peanut will help you accumulate information on the safest, easiest stops along your trip.
Plan Your Route