Child receiving food from a flight attendant
Tips For Finding The Most Suitable Seat Based On Your Kid's Age
One crucial factor for a comfortable flight with young children is selecting the right seat. Industry experts can help recommend the best seat based on the child's age.
According to Rebecca Love, a Cabin Service Supervisor for Virgin Atlantic, bulkhead seats are best for babies and toddlers, as they provide extra space for kids to stand up.
These seats also offer the option to attach a special bassinet, which will give your baby room to stretch out and nap. However, note that you'll have no under-seat storage space.
Alternatively, sitting in the back row has several advantages. You won't be holding other passengers up while boarding and disembarking, and you're also close to the bathroom.
Love also suggests letting toddlers explore the plane a bit. "A change of scenery can quite often make a toddler a little bit happier if they're getting restless in their seat."
For older kids, the "best" seat depends. For a lone kiddo, consider a window seat that provides entertainment or a front seat that makes it easier to get off after landing.
With multiple kids, consider bulkhead rows so the kids have personal space to spread out. If there are two adults, consider splitting up, with one parent near one or more children.