Woman traveling alone enjoys the cliffside view of a nearby town
Tips For Beating Downtime Boredom When Traveling Alone
Make some new friends in a common area of your accommodation — you might find inspiration in each other's adventures. Also, joining an online travel page or group can assist with brainstorming future travel plans, give you a forum to post your current adventures, and allow you to meet up with other solo travelers in the same area.
Make New Friends
When planning, there may have been a few activities you skipped although they piqued your interest, but now that you have some downtime, revisit those options and see what’s available. Try something new, even if it is last-minute — in many ways, this is exactly what it means to travel solo and step outside your comfort zone.
Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone
As a solo wanderer, you may have moments of homesickness, or want to share your experiences with someone you know. All you need is a strong internet connection or phone signal to relive some of the best moments of your trip and go over what you plan to do next, and chances are, it will leave you feeling recharged.
Check In With Loved Ones
Whether your goal is to truly capture the moment, or show everyone what they are missing out on, you can take your photos to the next level during your downtime. There are many easy-to-use apps that allow you to edit your photos on your smartphone and tablet, such as Snapsee, VSCO, TouchRetouch, and Adobe Lightroom.
Edit Your Photos
Creating a vacation playlist, downloading a podcast or two, and adding some reading material to your Kindle are always recommended when traveling. Relax to tunes or listen to crime podcasts beachside or in a park — and they can help if you’re editing vacation pictures for Instagram and need some inspiration for your videos or reels.
Read or Listen