An open suitcase on a bed is meticulously packed.
TikTok Hacks That Will Make Packing For Your Next Trip Even Easier
TikTokers suggest outfit planning to avoid suitcase overstuffing or the cost of checking an extra bag. With your itinerary in mind, make a list of what you need.
Plan Your Outfits
Work with a simple color palette to allow easy mixing and matching and re-wear items. Several TikTokers suggest wearing your day one travel outfit on the way back.
These bags flatten your clothing, maximizing your packing space. They’re an affordable option, available at discount stores like Dollar Tree.
Compression Bags
Vacuuming the bags is the best way to pull out every ounce of air, but some TikTokers say rolling them will also work. Just make sure to weigh your luggage since you can pack more.
Keep your clothes free of foot-borne grime by purchasing a case of plastic shower caps to wrap your shoes in. To provide extra space, store your socks inside of them.
Shoe Wrapping
Line clothing with dry cleaner bags (or any lightweight plastic bag) to avoid wrinkled clothing. Lay your clothing flat on your plastic and roll the item up tightly.
Banish Wrinkles
Once your outfits are sealed away in plastic, it can be tough to tell what's what without unpacking everything. To save yourself trouble, label with a Sharpie while packing.
Write the items, what goes with them, and when you plan to wear them right on the package. If you're using compression bags, pin or tape a note on the bag detailing the contents.