San Gimignano towers
Three Charming Towns To Visit In Italy Besides Florence
The idyllic Tuscan province of Florence, Italy, is undoubtedly a beacon for voyagers, but something must be said about the small-town charm of Italy's lesser-known provinces.
This walled, medieval city encapsulates what most people envision when they think of Italy: captivating vistas of tumbling hillsides draped in vineyards.
San Gimignano
Its Romanesque architecture and Gothic-style cathedrals were once the landing point for traveling pilgrims venturing to and from Rome. It's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Spend the day getting lost down cobblestone paths and floating through outdoor markets on the outskirts of Piazza Duomo before watching the sun sink into the Tuscan countryside.
Walking through the streets of this city in Puglia is like stepping into a fairytale book with its cobblestone alleys and whitewashed cottages with conical roofs.
Farm-to-table vegetables make up the heart of Alberobello's culinary scene. You'll encounter dedicated artisans turning their creative passions into intricate, handwoven textiles.
This city's traditional Italian architecture combines dramatic bluffs and the salty sea breeze. Enjoy a glass of limoncello, this region's specialty.
While many voyagers are attracted to Florence's rich historical roots, Sorrento is a competitive match with the Sorrento Cathedral, Basilica of Saint Antonino, and Pizza Tasso.