A historical site in Harpers Ferry National Park
This U.S. National Historical Park Is A Must-Visit For Civil War Buffs
Stretching across West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park combines natural beauty and fascinating history.
American history buffs can deep dive into the Civil War and the fight for Civil Rights while discovering gorgeous hiking trails on the Blue Ridge.
Start in the Lower Town, learning about the abolitionist John Brown, who led the famous raid on the U.S. Armory and Arsenal in Harpers Ferry in 1859, increasing the chance of war.
See where Confederate General "Stonewall" Jackson attacked a Union garrison in the 1862 Battle of Harpers Ferry, the largest defeat of Union troops during the Civil War.
You can hike some of the park's trails, including the Murphy-Chambers Farm and Schoolhouse Ridge Trails, to see several battlefield areas.
A longer trail leads to Maryland Heights, which takes you past Civil War artillery batteries and the Stone Fort. As of October 2023, the Civil War Museum is closed for repairs.
Hike to Jefferson Rock on the Appalachian Trail, where Thomas Jefferson stood in 1783. Nearby is Storer College, founded just after the war and open to all genders and races.
Step back in time to the mid-19th century, wandering the town. Round off your trip with an "O' Be JoyFull" Historical Tour, introducing stories and ghosts from the Civil War.