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This Stunning Midwestern State Park Is One All Hikers Will Love
Iowa's Pikes Peak State Park has 1,000 acres of protected landscapes, towering bluffs, thriving old-growth forests, and the merging of the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers.
The park has 11.5 miles of trails for hikers of all skill levels, with small fossils, woodlands, and 63 burial mounds sculpted by Indigenous peoples who once inhabited the land.
The half-mile Bridal Veil Trail has a boardwalk and passes Bear Mound, an effigy built between 800 and 1200 AD. It leads to a picturesque cascade in front of a looming cave.
The West Hickory Ridge Trail is a half-mile hike through an oak-hickory forest to a clearing with ancient burial and ceremonial mounds created by Indigenous Americans.
Mountain bikers and experienced hikers will like the longer and more remote Point Ann Trail. It weaves through a hardwood forest, a few clearings, and unmarked prehistoric mounds.
The Point Ann observation deck has picturesque views over the town of McGregor. It's a great overlook for fall foliage and birdwatching, particularly peregrine falcons.
For a challenge, the Chinquapin Ridge Trail follows a series of switchbacks through the forest and several prairies, with scenic Mississippi River views.