Sunrise sky over a beach
Think Twice Before Visiting These Dangerous Florida Beaches
Spanning 27 miles of the Gulf Coast with several artificial reefs and two state parks, this looks like a prime beach, but it's one of the country's deadliest.
Panama City Beach
After a series of drownings in June 2023, the beach was put under a no-swim advisory as dangerous rip currents entered the Gulf of Mexico.
According to Travel Lens, this is one of the deadliest beaches in the country due to a mix of surf deaths, shark attacks, and other factors, like hurricanes.
Jacksonville Beach
Four water-related deaths have occurred since 2010, and the rescue numbers are very high, including the 50 swimmers saved from the waters on Memorial Day weekend, 2023.
Shark sightings have increased in the area due to the number of visitors. However, shark bites are exceedingly rare in general, and death by sharks is even more so.
The Daytona Beach News-Journal says more than 700 rescued swimmers were taken by riptides here in the first half of 2023, and sharks bit seven people last year.
Volusia County Beach
The most significant danger, though, is the tentacles of jellyfish. WESH 2 reported around 360 jellyfish stings over two days in 2022, and that wasn't an isolated incident.
A tourist hotspot for decades, this would-be-alluring beach has been marred by currents washing up garbage, becoming a potential health hazard.
Palm Beach
The Palm Beach Post explains that blood-filled vials and used syringes are just some dangerous debris appearing in Palm Beach.
Potentially deadly riptides are frequent here. Per Click Orlando, on July 4, 2023, around 180 people were in imminent danger, requiring lifesaving rescue.
Daytona Beach
The Daytona Beach area has seen a rise in gun violence over recent years. WESH 2 says there were 15 killings in 2022 and over 10 between January and August 2023.