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Think Twice Before Booking A Stay At This U.K. Hotel Chain
The illustrious Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool has gone downhill after being acquired by Britannia, the hotel chain named the worst in the U.K. for the 11th year running in 2023.
The hotel holds a rating of 2.5 on Tripadvisor due to its outdated atmosphere, inconsistent service, underwhelming amenities, and overpriced and neglected rooms.
For commercial cleaning, an ATP swab test score of under 30 is considered standard for hotels, but the bathroom tiles at Adelphi Hotel flagged up an alarming reading of over 8,000.
These problems are common in Britannia's 63 hotels across Britain. "Organic matter" was even found on poorly cleaned surfaces in their hotels, so it's best to avoid them.
Alexander Langsam, owner of Britannia, is suspected of buying up hotels, running them into the ground with minimum investment, and watching the profits roll in.
While the Midland Hotel in Bradford and the Grand Hotel in Sunderland are highly rated, these are outliers in the Britannia portfolio, as their hotels are generally poorly rated.