Tourists walk between the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue and Cinderella's Castle at Disney World.
Things You Might Have Missed On Your Last Trip To Walt Disney World
Camouflaged Mickeys (known as "hidden Mickeys") can be sighted all over Walt Disney World, and while some are in plain sight, some take a bit more time to notice. For instance, on EPCOT's flight simulator, Soarin', during the hot air balloon sequence of the ride, you'll briefly notice three balloons align to form the characteristic shape of Mickey's head.
Hidden Mickeys Throughout
As Disney manages to purposefully keep operational aspects from the public eye, you're not likely to see how trash is disposed of or delivery trucks cater supplies. This is accomplished through a system of underground tunnels known as Utilidors that span the entire Magic Kingdom.
The Secret Passageways
If you’ve ever caught yourself sniffing newly-popped popcorn, or warm apple pie in the park, these scents are generated through a Disney device known as a Smellitzer (basically a large aroma diffuser.) Smellitizers are also on some of the most popular rides to enhance the attraction like salt water and wood on Pirates of the Caribbean.
Disney's Trademark Smellitzers
On Main Street, U.S.A., many of the names you see in shop windows advertising fictional businesses are of previous employees who helped develop Disney's parks. Humorously, the "businesses" reference either their specific positions or their personal interests, such as Walt Disney’s Railroad Office acknowledges his avid love of trains.
Homage to Disney Employees
Cinderella Castle Suite has unique amenities like a massive bathtub, a spacious parlor room, a mirror that can be turned into a TV screen, a glass slipper, a crown, and a scepter. Originally for Walt Disney and his family whenever they visited the park, it’s now only offered to weekly contest winners, or special guests personally invited to stay at the suite.
Secret Suite in Cinderella Castle