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These Are Considered The Most Disgusting Spots In An Airport
Airports are hubs for bacteria, and the dirtiest place in the airport is your first stop: self-check-in kiosks and their touchscreens, which are used by almost every guest.
The coveted gate bench armrests come in contact with thousands of passengers a day and accumulate germs and bacteria from constant handling and lack of proper disinfection.
Airport water fountain buttons are the third dirtiest spot, with more bacteria than the average used pet toy. These surfaces aren't frequently cleaned.
Water Fountains
Another germ-infested spot is the escalator and stair handrails. In a University of Arizona study, traces of blood, urine, saliva, and feces were found on handrails.
Airport security checkpoints require passengers to touch almost everything they have with them, and 50% of TSA security trays have traces of respiratory viruses on them.
TSA Bins