Woman eating at airport
These Airports Have Some Of The Worst Dining Options In The World
The addition of discount airlines Frontier and Allegiant at Midway gives it a decidedly budget vibe. That could be why the food options are pretty low bar.
Chicago Midway
You can find options here, but most of them are along the lines of Dunkin' Express, Einstein Bros., or vending machines. Travelers also frequently report closed-up storefronts.
Travelers are often bewildered by Beijing's fast food — for example, there's no chicken at the airport's KFC. The food is also expensive and not very tasty.
Beijing International
Many reviewers lament that eating at Dublin feels like playing a game of roulette with one's health. The food is often low-quality with a high-dollar price tag slapped on it.
On Reddit, one traveler complained that the airport’s burger joint is dirty and often has a long line, while the alternative is an overpriced pub.
Brandenburg lacks fast food options. Instead, a Reddit user complains, you'll find a "Half microwaved chicken sandwich that's cold in the middle for €8."
Berlin Brandenburg
LaGuardia in NYC has poor food selection and borderline Kafkaesque pricing. A $25 burger can be pretty shocking, and Reddit users claim the food isn't tasty either.
In another Reddit thread, a commenter complained of finding "literally no food except for a fridge with premade sandwiches." They're not cheap, either — nine bucks for a PBJ.