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The Ultimate Guide To Perfectly Packing For Your Cruise Vacation
Aside from packing a couple of bathing suits, bring a few pieces of protective clothing for getting to and from the pool, and lounging in the sun — cover-ups, flip-flops, sunglasses, and some sort of hat to provide shade if the sun gets a little too intense. Also, pack lots of sunscreen if you can, as buying some onboard or in a port is expensive.
Essentials For By The Pool
You’ll want to bring chargers for any electronics you brought onboard, especially if you purchased Wi-Fi for your trip. You should also bring a spare bag for dirty laundry, a stain remover — such as a Tide Stick — removable, suction-based hooks, and a portable shoe rack to hang on your door for shoes, toiletries, and other items.
Essentials For Your Room
Before picking outfits, check your cruise's clothing policy to understand the expectations — Carnival and Royal Caribbean emphasize passengers' comfort so you can dress as casually as you want, while Celebrity Cruises encourages business casual. Typically, the more expensive the cruise, the better the odds you'll have to dress up.
General Onboard Apparel
Nights at sea can get a little cool, so if you're keen on walking the promenade deck once the sun's gone down, bring a pair of long pants and a sweatshirt to combat the potentially balmy weather. Also, although nearly every cruise cabin has its own thermostat, the air conditioning isn't as powerful as the ones you find in hotels.
Nighttime Apparel
Most cruise lines' main dining halls require slightly dressier outfits — think business casual — but on pricier luxury cruises, you can expect stricter policies, requiring guests to dress even fancier for mealtimes. One thing you absolutely should pay attention to is formal night, a staple for many cruise lines, where you can wear anything from a suit and tie to a tuxedo.
Dining Wear