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The Oldest Bars Across America To Visit
Established in 1762, the Fraunces Tavern is the longest-standing bar in New York City. After the war, General George Washington met his officers here to thank them.
Fraunces Tavern
Part of the Fraunces Tavern is a museum dedicated to its place in American history, but if you're just here for the booze, one of its three bars will be happy to serve you.
The lowest of Reynolds Tavern's four levels is called the 1747 Pub after its founding year. It boasts many regulars thanks to its ever-updating list of craft beer.
Reynolds Tavern
The Annapolis, Maryland, pub has a beer garden during spring, summer, and early fall, where you can listen to live music and watch outdoor movie screenings while you enjoy a drink.
Founded in 1743, Blue Bell Inn was a staple location in the Revolutionary War. George Washington rested there after his defeat in Philadelphia’s Battle of Germantown.
Blue Bell Inn
The location was originally called The White House, but when a tower was erected with a blue bell nearby, the inn and the town changed its name to match.
The Red Fox Tavern was founded in 1728 in Middleburg, Virginia. The bar itself is carved out of an operating table used during the Civil War.
Red Fox Tavern
The tavern's website name-drops other A-list celebrities and politicians, such as a teenaged George Washington and JFK and Jacqueline Onassis, who frequently stayed at the inn.
The Logan Inn was founded in 1727 in New Hope, Pennsylvania, and is largely known for its legendary tales of ghost hauntings.
Logan Inn
Its most popular area for paranormal activities is Room 6, or "Emily's Room." Other entities include two children who appear in mirrors and a soldier in the hallways.