The Washington Monument on the National Mall at night
The Most Walkable Cities To Explore Across The U.S.
The nation's capital was designed to be a walkable city by a French urban planner hired by George Washington, based on the ideal of "liberty and justice for all."
Washington, D.C.
The streets were built wide with views of the river, and evenly spaced out parks and squares throughout the city along its diagonal grid system are still in place today.
It took over a century before the original plans were implemented, and today, the city is friendly to walkers of all ages, with the two-mile National Mall as its centerpiece.
Downtown, Chinatown, Nob Hill, North Beach, and other centralized neighborhoods are exceptionally easy to walk in and around San Francisco.
San Francisco, California
The Marina District along the water is home to Chestnut Street, a favorite for shopping and cafe-hopping. Streetcars run up and down the hills should your feet need a break.
Visit the Presidio, a National Historic Landmark District with iconic coastal walks and Golden Gate Bridge views, then follow the water to Sea Cliff, Lands End, and Ocean Beach.
In 2023, USA Today voted this America's most walkable city, partly due to its design prioritizing public parks, greenery, and mobility without a car.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Its compact size and short urban center make it simple to navigate on foot. The land between the bordering Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers is only a couple of miles wide.
The core neighborhoods are seamlessly blended for an enjoyable place to stroll, and there are plenty of historical sites and points of interest to visit.
Considered one the largest walkable cities in the U.S., the famous North End, Chinatown, and Beacon Hill are distinctly characteristic and worth a stroll.
Boston, Massachusetts
The 3-mile-long Freedom Trail takes you past numerous points of interest, like the Boston Massacre Site, Boston Common, Paul Revere House, and the Old South Meeting House.
Near downtown, Capitol Hill has a large park, various bars, cafes, and museums, like the Molly Brown House, telling a family's Titanic survival story.
Denver, Colorado
Five Points, an old historic district known for fantastic craft breweries, coffee shops, and various music venues, is one of the most compact parts of the city.
Similar to a European town, Highlands Square is a public area and truly the heart of social life. The Baker area is a short stroll from downtown next to the South Platte River.