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The Most Haunted Places In America To Visit If You Dare
Docked in Long Beach, California, the R.M.S. Queen Mary is a retired ocean liner with 150 spirits that turn lights and taps on and off, slam doors, create odors and cold spots, and hang around the pool. The center of the ship's paranormal activity is the engine room, where two people were crushed to death by "Door 13" on separate occasions.
The R.M.S. Queen Mary
Heiress Sarah Winchester thought the ghosts of Winchester rifle victims had conspired to murder her husband and child, so she built a mansion in San Jose, California for the spirits to live in. Along with the victims’ apparitions, visitors might see the "Wheelbarrow Ghost," people floating down hallways or standing in windows, or Sarah herself.
The Winchester Mystery House
Reports of The White House's spirits have come from many notable people such as Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, and the Obamas. In 1942, Abraham Lincoln appeared before the Queen of the Netherlands, and Winston Churchill reported strolling into the Lincoln Bedroom after a bath — still naked — to find Lincoln's ghost standing by the fireplace.
The White House
Locals claim that this bridge in Denton, Texas is haunted by a demon with the head of a goat that lurks around the bridge and creek below, where it can be heard splashing around and sinisterly laughing. If you're brave enough to skip the tour, legend has it that if you cross the bridge at 3 a.m. you'll see the demon goat standing at the other end, waiting for you.
Goatman's Bridge
This West Virginia asylum's most famous ghosts include a little girl named Lily, the tormented spirit murdered by his roommates, the ghost of a man who died in a bathtub, and a couple of random Civil War soldiers. If you want to meet up with any of these spirits, your best bet is to book the overnight ghost hunt, which runs from dusk until dawn.
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum