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The Most Common Questions About United Airlines Answered
Not for economy basic fare passengers, but they are for business, first-class, and economy passengers on long-haul flights. All United credit card holders are offered free checked bags, but they must purchase the flight with their United card in order to be eligible for the perk.
Are Checked Bags Free?
All customers, except basic economy passengers, are allowed one full-size carry-on bag and one personal item free of charge. It is also worth noting that cabin-approved pet carriers are considered personal items and any overstuffed carry-on that doesn’t fit in the overhead compartment is subject to a checked bag fee.
Are Carry-Ons Free?
Polaris is United Airlines' flagship, international business class cabin with club options to match at select airports. This luxury upgrade offers full-catered lounge access, lie-flat seats in a semi-private air pod, and brand-name amenity kits and for long-haul flights, they offer pajamas and Saks Fifth Avenue bedding.
What Is Polaris?
Flights under two hours do not offer food, snack service is available on flights over 500 miles, and flights 800 miles or more are offered a full meal. International economy customers will receive two hot meal courses while Polaris customers will get three.
Do They Serve Meals?
It is up to customers, rather than the airlines, to ensure that your family is seated together at the time of booking. If you book basic economy fares, please be advised that you will have to purchase seat assignments if you want your family seated together.
Are Families Seated Together?