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The Most Common Questions About Southwest Airlines Answered
Southwest has a pretty sweet setup for making online reservations with either their website or app, and flight options can be sorted by departure time, price, or with a helpful flight map which allows a point-and-click method of finding a flight. You’ll need to check in within 24 hours of departure online or at the airport, and then you’ll receive your boarding pass.
How Do I Book My Flight?
If you cancel or change your flight plans, you'll be refunded the cost of the flight either back to the payment method or as a flight credit, depending on the fare type as long as it’s done at least 10 minutes prior to the original departure time. There are neither cancellation nor change fees, and changes can be done using the website or mobile app.
Can I Change or Cancel?
Southwest has no assigned seats, but passengers are assigned a letter and number combo that represents their place in line at the gate, which can be upgraded — to Business Select, for example, to guarantee A1 – A15 boarding. Southwest also offers family boarding after the A-level and before B-level, giving families with children an increased opportunity to be together.
How Are Seats Assigned?
Parents are not required to purchase a seat for their children under two years of age. As long as there is one person over the age of 12 to hold the small child in their lap. Any child over two will need their seat purchased and their own boarding pass, and there is no discounted fare.
Are There Fares for Children?
Southwest allows minors to travel alone and has a program for young travelers who are between the ages of 5 and 11 years old. The minor will be placed in the care of the staff at the departure gate and, once landed, will only be released to the person named as their recipient on their forms — but note that fees, forms, ID, and some specific flight requirements apply.
Can Minors Fly Unaccompanied?