Sarlat, Dordogne, France
The Gorgeous And Overlooked French Town Rick Steves Loves To Visit
France is brimming with hidden gems and cute, underrated towns unknown to many international tourists. One example, according to travel expert Rick Steves, is Dordogne.
Steves named the province's La Roque-Gageac as a "strong contender for 'cutest town in France,'" likely for its cliffside houses and picturesque riverbank.
Dordogne doesn't have big attractions but instead features typical rock-roofed cottages, quaint châteaux houses, and narrow streets — no touristy bells and whistles needed.
Canoeing is very authentic to the area, and Steves recommends a trip down the Dordogne River to just about any traveler. Cycling is another easygoing way to get around.
For breathtaking architecture, make your way to one of the area's many castles. Caves are another popular site in the area, with the Lascaux caves being among the most famous.
Dordogne is also bursting with delicious food. Rick Steves suggests visiting Sarlat's Saturday market for fresh goods, and the province is also home to multiple wineries.