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The Complete Packing Guide For Your Summer Trip To Europe
With longer stays, you will need more packing space, but ideally, one multi-use carry-on and one easy-to-maneuver checked bag should provide enough space. Your carry-on can double as your daypack or backpack, and any additional bags like shopping totes or purses can be checked in your suitcase.
Travel Bags and Daypacks
Pack a foldable rain jacket, a lightweight coat, and either a cardigan, hoodie, or sweater — but if you have plans to pop by Iceland, Denmark, the Scottish Highlands, Germany, or other cooler all-year-round destinations in Europe, then you will definitely need a warm coat. If a casual jacket or coat is too bulky, wear it on the plane.
Pack only a week's worth of clothes at most, even if you are unsure where you will be washing your belongings. Bring mix-and-match shirts, tees, and tanks with breathable fabrics like cotton, rayon, and linen to keep cool when it’s hot, and try to stick to neutral or light-colored items.
Minimalistic travelers should aim to pack three to four lightweight shorts, jeans, leggings, or trousers. Women can also add two short dresses and one long or mid-length skirt, and make sure you have at least one pair of nice pants, a skirt, or a dress to ensure you do not miss out on any experiences.
With a simple change of footwear and accessories, a basic dress that worked well with a jean jacket at the museum is ready for late-night drinks. Guys can also easily switch from day to night by just rolling down their sleeves, or a basic plain tee can be instantly transformed with a blazer, and a pair of nice shoes or solid-color runners.
Day-To-Night Ensembles