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The Complete Guide To Planning An Adventurous Trip To Turks And Caicos
Anyone with an interest in trying stand-up paddleboarding will find Turks and Caicos an ideal location to learn how to do it. The waters here couldn't be more perfect for newbies, while seasoned paddlers have a great number of places to float on the waves.
Glide Along the Shallows
It's not just beach lovers that are drawn to these Atlantic islands, they also sit on the migratory route for water birds, and are home to more than 190 local species. One of the best places to spot a variety of fowl in a compact area is South Caicos, a small island that is very walkable.
Drink in a Little Avian Awe
While the calm seas around the islands aren’t ideal for surfing, there are plenty of aquatic thrills to be had, such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, and jet-skiing. For some seriously amped velocity, Mako Watersports takes riders out on private jet ski tours, including one around a shipwreck off the coast of Providenciales.
Experience an Aquatic Rush
The Turks and Caicos seas are perfect for diving and snorkeling exploration most of the year, with excellent water visibility, and there are many PADI centers across the islands. There are snorkeling sites accessible from the shore, and aquatic life that includes angelfish, squid, and turtles.
Plunge Into a Living Aquarium
Long Bay Beach, on the island of Providenciales, is the place to be for kiteboarding as it has dependable wind, calm, shallow water, and isn't heavily populated by tourists. For a bird's eye view of the islands’ most famous beach, parasailing above Grace Bay is the way to go.
Get High Above the Water