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The Complete Guide To Austin's Famous Rainey Street
Austin's Rainey Street was once a close-knit community made up of blue-collar, working-class families who left the area after the flood of 1935 and were replaced by a community of mostly Hispanic residents. The bungalow-style homes from that era now house the bars and restaurants that make up Rainey Street's boozy strip.
History and Culture
Surprisingly, for a place known for its divey bar scene, the accommodations in the area are, for the most part, quite upscale. Hotel Van Zandt is a trendy luxury hotel that is perfectly placed in the heart of Rainey Street, and there are plenty of short-term rentals available as well, including at the Natiivo home-sharing tower.
Where To Stay
Trying to find parking on Rainey Street can be nightmarish, but street parking is free on Sundays and metered the rest of the week at various times. Parking garages and lot prices aren't too bad for a high-traffic tourist area, but if you're going to be bar hopping and drinking, it's best to use a ride-share app like Uber or Lyft.
Where To Park
From top to bottom, the neighborhood is only about half a mile long and all its best attractions are close to one another, making it easily walkable. The southern tip of the street has many trails that more or less follow the flow of the Colorado River and Lady Bird Lake, which spreads much further than the distance of Rainey Street.
Traversing By Foot
Rainey Street's claim to fame is various bungalows that have been turned into interesting and diverse bars, specializing in everything from creative cocktails and local draft beers to a Hawaiian-themed tiki bar. New developments have taken the place of some previous mainstays, but there are still plenty of bungalow bars to enjoy.
Historic Bungalows Turned Bars